Burn Calories and Torch Fat With This 20-Minute Full-Body AMRAP Workout


Canfitpro-certified personal trainer Heather Robertson knows you can get in a good full-body burn in just 20 minutes. One of the most effective ways to train is with AMRAP workouts, which stands for “as many reps as possible” and is a form of HIIT. For this workout, Robertson programmed four different circuits that include four different workouts to perform eight reps each. Then, you’ll continue performing these exercises for as many rounds as you can in the five-minute circuit, followed by a rest. You’ll get in a full-body strength workout and get your heart rate up at the same time.

The exercises include jumping jacks, full-body crunches, deadlift and row, triceps press, and more. You will need a pair of medium dumbbells (here’s a guide on how to choose the right weight). So clear out some space, throw down a mat, and get to work!

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