She’s a Paralympic Swimmer and World Champ, and This Is Her Training Routine For Tokyo


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A two-time Paralympian and 15-time world champion, Mallory won gold and bronze medals at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London. She has held 15 world records in her career and is currently training to compete in the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

One week of workouts

Eagan, MNMarch 2021

The Details

It goes without saying that fitness goes hand in hand Mallory’s career as a Paralympic swimmer, but she also says it’s important for her quality of life as a person living with a disability. “Following my paralysis at the age of 18, I quickly learned how vital swimming and overall fitness was to my life, not just physically, but mentally,” she told POPSUGAR. Mallory loves the workouts that scare her a little, like when she sets a goal time for a set and knows “there is a chance I might not be able to reach it.” That’s because the biggest thing she’s learned from her swimming career is that “we should all be willing to fail,” since moments of failure are when we learn and grow. “The truth is, there is a big difference between failing and being a failure,” Mallory explained. “Swimming has taught me that the only true failure is not even trying in the first place.”

Keep reading for an up-close look at a week of Mallory’s workouts as she trains for the Paralympic Games this summer.

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