Sweat App Announces Beginner Program: Meet the Badass Trainers Leading the Workouts


If it’s been a few weeks, a few months, or even a few years since you’ve had a consistent workout plan, the Sweat app has you covered. The platform announced an all-new beginner fitness offering called Move Again, which features three new trainers and four new fitness programs. The workouts are tailored for beginners, whether that’s a total fitness novice or someone who hasn’t worked out in a while. The best part is these workouts are mostly low-impact, so they won’t put added stress on your joints, but still high-intensity to get the calorie burn and sweat-induced endorphins you are looking for.

“The majority (84 percent) of the women we spoke to said if they were able to exercise regularly, it would help them feel more confident, but they needed to find a workout program that felt achievable, realistic, and motivating,” Sweat co-founder Kayla Itsines said in a press release. “Our mission at Sweat is to listen to the needs of women and make fitness as accessible as possible. We quickly realized that we needed to create a new collection of beginner fitness programs to meet women where they are today and support them to return to fitness on their own terms.”

The programs, available exclusively on the Sweat app, require minimal to no equipment (think: one set of dumbbells and a chair), and can be completed almost anywhere. Each workout program includes four weeks of workouts for 16 new weeks of Move Again workouts total on the Sweat app.

Sweat App 12-Month Free Membership Offer

From now until June 27, POPSUGAR readers have access to a free 12-month membership with the Sweat app at this link, a $120 value. This offer is for new members only and not eligible for current Sweat subscribers (click here for offer details).

To learn more about the Move Again workout programs and the trainers leading the workouts, keep scrolling. Make yourself a priority and jump-start your fitness routine today!

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