Kylie Jenner Opens Up On How She Feels About Marriage Amid Travis Scott Reconciliation


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have rekindled their romance, but at the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion on Thursday, Jenner made clear that marriage is not in the plans—right now.

At the reunion, hosted by Andy Cohen, Jenner said she is “not thinking about marriage. But,” she added, “I would hope to get married one day.”

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Jenner and Scott confirmed their renewed relationship at the Parsons Benefit in New York City, where Scott was honored. Onstage, Scott told Jenner, whom he called “wifey,” that he loved her and their daughter, Stormi.

“Kylie and Travis are very happy and acting like a couple again,” a source told E!. “They hold hands and are affectionate. They aren’t shy about showing their love for another. They support each other and are a constant in each other’s lives.”

Jenner and Scott broke up in the fall of 2019, after taking a break earlier in the year, when Scott was accused of cheating.

“The couple has been hot and cold since their last breakup, and haven’t been able to fully get on the same page again,” a source told Entertainment Tonight in 2019. “They are both extremely busy with different schedules and since Kylie found out about Travis messaging another girl on Instagram, the rebuilding of trust has been hard.”

Earlier this month, Jenner spoke out about rumors that she and Scott were in an open relationship.

“you guys really just make up anything,” she tweeted, with a screenshot of a Daily Mail article. She posted another tweet: “I’m not discrediting anyone who is in an open relationship, but it’s just careless and disrespectful to throw this narrative out there without knowing what’s true.” When a follower pointed out that TMZ was a source, she wrote, “i just saw this but yes tmz too lol.”

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