If You Still Have “good 4 u” on Repeat, This Full-Body Workout Is Calling Your Name


Don’t play “good 4 u” around me unless you’re trying to start some kind of dance party. I will put down whatever I’m doing and start jumping around like I’m in the mosh pit at Warped Tour, circa 2011 (Paramore-Olivia Rodrigo crossover, anyone?). But for a more productive use of that energy, we turn to fitness YouTuber Maddie Lymburner (aka MadFit) and her three-minute, full-body workout set to this summer jam. Get ready for squats, kicks, and plenty of punches that perfectly match the feisty energy of the song, all in sync with the beat. By the end you’ll feel satisfied, sweaty, and ready to play “good 4 u” about 10 more times (per usual). Check out the full workout above!

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