5 All-Too-Relatable Things That Keep Us Awake at Night — and How to Beat Them


We get it: the whole “put your phone away 30 minutes before going to bed” thing is easier said than done. When, if not at 1 a.m.. are you going to have the nerve to lurk your ex’s new fling?! Or, fall down that UFO sighting rabbit hole you didn’t have time to research during the normal hours of the day?

We’re not here to discourage you from what you gotta do. However, might we suggest a slight pivot? Instead of using your screen as the method of delivering intrigue to your brain, why not get it from another — less blue-light heavy — source. Pop an OLLY Sleep gummy, and then pick up a book or listen to a 30-minute podcast. And not just any book — go for something that’s going to pique your interest in the same way as a social media sesh. Maybe it’s a murder mystery, a sci-fi novel, or even a high-stakes non-fiction book.

Go for the same vibe with a podcast. Instead of choosing something boring, give into what your overactive brain is craving. That way, you’ll feel like you accomplished the same amount of randomness intake as your usual doom scroll, without the strain on your eyes. Plus, after that 30-minute mark, your gummy should be taking effect so you can drift off to sleep with much more ease.

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