12 Under Armour Workout Shorts That’ll Help You Hustle Harder


If you thought all workout shorts were pretty much the same, Under Armour’s collection will certainly change your mind. There’s no denying that it can get annoying to constantly be readjusting the waistband after every set, or to be forced to wear leggings just to avoid the chafing that happens otherwise. Thanks to Under Armour technology, however, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a high-quality pair of Under Armour shorts, you can have a stress-free workout every time.

Through warmups and cooldowns, whether you simply need shorts with pockets or ones that prevent you from overheating while running outside in the summer, there’s a pair of Under Armour shorts to help you reach peak performance. Keep reading for a roundup of the brand’s 12 best workout shorts.

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