Jay Cutler details his history of concussions, memory loss and fear of CTE

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In a revealing GQ interview, Jay Cutler chronicles his issues with memory loss and fear of CTE as a result of a litany of concussions.

In pop culture circles, Jay Cutler is best-known as Kristen Cavallari’s ex-husband and there’s little argument he was the real star of his ex-wife’s most recent reality show. But NFL fans know him as a first-round pick quarterback whose talent was matched by his indifference to how good he could have been.

Cutler played 12 NFL seasons (2006-2017), for the Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins. He took a lot of hits, and he was sacked 322 times in his career. After his final season with the Bears in 2009, he missed at least one game every season for the rest of his career.

In recent years, and long overdue, a lot of light has been shed on concussions and the after-effects of repeated significant blows to the head. Multiple NFL players have acknowledged the issue, often without being able to tab how exactly many concussions (documented or often, not) they may have suffered during their careers.

Jay Cutler chronicles issues with memory loss, fears of CTE

In a recent interview with GQ, Cutler was asked if he’s concerned about having CTE, a condition brought on by repeated blows to the head that can currently only be diagnosed with a brain examination after death.

“Oh, absolutely,” “I would say definitely my memory isn’t the same as it was five years ago. The amount of concussions I’ve had are probably in the double digits.”

“It’s gonna catch up to me at some point,” he added. “I’m just trying to delay it as much as possible.”

Cutler’s estimation he’s probably had “double-digit” concussions, while obviously covering a very wide range of numbers, also somehow feels conservative upon trying to imagine his tone. Asked if he’d do it all over again knowing what he has experienced now, Cutler was clear.

“Absolutely I would,” he said. “I wouldn’t even question it. I’d sign up in a heartbeat.”

Cutler talked to GQ to promote a new subscription meat delivery service, and he said he’s supporting his brain health with diet and vitamins. His acknowledgment of concussions, memory loss and trying to stave off other physical ramifications from his NFL career is the most recent on a long list.

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