How New Fashion Designers Can Access Expert Production Services

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Started nearly twenty years ago by founder Jennifer Evans, TEG has been a tour de force in independent garment manufacturing in the Downtown L.A. area for years.

What Is The TEG Design Process?

New and emerging designers receive a warm welcome during the in-depth planning and consultation process with Jennifer Evans at TEG’s Los Angeles headquarters. The initial meeting is where the ideas, creativity, and inspiration will flow. Not only do new and emerging designers receive essential guidance regarding collection pieces, but they also build a strong bond with the TEG team.

The talent of the TEG teams comes alive, taking two-dimensional ideas and transforming them into three-dimensional pieces for your fashion label.

The project manager, along with guiding pattern makers, seamstresses, and cut and sew manufacturers, will update emerging fashion designers every step of the way during production.

The bottom line? New and emerging fashion designers can create the start of their fashion label in a matter of weeks using the talents of TEG’s custom sample production team.

Starting a Clothing Line? Need a Manufacturer?

Getting started in the fashion industry is no small feat. Choosing the right clothing manufacturer is also a huge decision. TEG aims to change that for new designers by promoting affordable prices and excellent client communication throughout.

TEG offers reasonable prices for emerging designers, regardless of collection style. For example, the introductory sample package, aptly named The Test Drive, allows for fashion inspiration without a substantial financial commitment. Emerging designers can meet with certain members of the TEG team, like the pattern maker, design director, and project manager.

TEG has a turnaround time of 4-8 weeks. If you need your order quickly, rush orders take 1-4 weeks.

A Talented Team of L.A. Apparel Sample Makers

Evans made a point of hiring some of the best designers and textile workers she could find.

As such, new designers should take comfort in the expertise of talented seamstresses, pattern makers, and cut and sew manufacturers when starting their own clothing line. Again, all custom samples are created in Los Angeles, using the talents of TEG’s design team as well as local seamstresses, cut and sew manufacturers, and others. 

What Does This Mean for New, Emerging Fashion Designers?

Using TEG’s expert fashion production services can help you meet your goals. Whether it’s creating runway clothing for New York Fashion Week or putting out a unique product for sale, TEG can make it happen. TEG offers the ideal introduction to starting your own clothing line with its Test Drive option. TEG creates a few custom samples, along with forging a meaningful bond with clients to display expertise through comprehensive design and action.

In short, TEG answers the question ‘how do I start a clothing line?’ with an experienced and confident ‘here’s how.’

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