RabbotZ Designer Toys With Detachable Magnetic Heads Are Coming. Each Uniquely Designed by 20 Artists Worldwide

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RabbotZ Designer Toys will launch on Kickstarter in August. With the shape of a sitting rabbit, RabbotZ is a Series of Designer Toys. With more than 16 designs, each RabbotZ is uniquely designed by artists all over the world. Therefore, each RabbotZ has different lives and very different stories. 

The Bone Collector is an intelligent RabbotZ created by @crack_, a professional toy designer. As the test subject in the Alter Ego Lab, The Bone Collector is planning vengeance on his family’s murderer. There is the rumor that The Bone Collector will always break at least 19 of his enemy’s bones to immobilize them. He is just cute but deadly.

The Boom Shaka, painted by @hot_actor, was an ordinary RabbotZ who especially loves shave ice in Eva Beach, Hawaii. One day, he opened a spray can and a mist of paint came out. The sealed shapeshifter demon “Boom” embodied Shaka. Together now they act as one, roaming the island in their shave ice truck … Why he got trapped in spraycan … Read more at RabbotZ Group.

About RabbotZ

RabbotZ is a ‘Blind Box’ Series of limited-edition toys designed by HeetHeet and 20 inspirational artists from all over the world. The artists have made some fantastic costumes for RabbotZ and have even brought new characters to the RabbotZ universe. 

RabbotZ has detachable heads, which are connected to their bodies with magnets. This means you can personalize your RabbotZ collection with countless combinations of heads and bodies. For added surprise, what’s even neater is that the identity of a new RabbotZ is known only at the time of unboxing.

What sizes & models are available?

In addition to the standard 3.5-inch RabbotZ Blind Box, RabbotZ also supplies an amazing 6-inch super RabbotZ and a brilliant 12-inch RabbotZ. Notice that the larger toys are only available for the Kickstarter exclusive. When they are gone, they are gone forever. Back the RabbotZ project to be one of the first to get these cool toys.

About RabbotZ & HeetHeet

HeetHeet is a professional platform integrating artist development, incubation, and proprietary IP operation, providing art derivative design, toy production, and sales. We are the pious pilgrims of art and bring amazing artists together, building a fashion and awesome designer toys community for people who are addicted to art toys.

RabbotZ is the first official IP of HeetHeet. RabbotZ is designed by HeetHeet and 20 awesome artists (crack_, chrisrwk, yacilart, ren wei pan…) from all over the world. Also, the RabbotZ Blind Box series is a limited edition art toy. 

Website and Links

Website: https://www.heetheet.com/

Instagram@rabbotz: https://www.instagram.com/rabbotz.official/

Facebook@rabbotz: https://www.facebook.com/RabbotZ/




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