Nick Bosa’s girlfriend, Jenna Berman, called out for racially insensitive tweets

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Jenna Berman, the girlfriend of 49ers defensive star Nick Bosa, is under fire for racially insensitive tweets that have resurfaced after eight years. 

As the NFL prepares to begin another season next month, it will once again roll out its campaign to help end racism in America. The league is outwardly showing that it supports minority communities, but parts within the machine continue to snap off and rattle around.

Nick Bosa, the San Francisco 49ers star defensive end, has his own history with very bad tweets. Ahead of the NFL Draft a few years ago, Bosa deleted tweets in which he made statements that align with the alt-right ideology, including those that were pro-Trump, pro-MAGA and anti-BLM. These ranged from things as seemingly innocent as criticizing the hype around the Academy Award-nominated film Black Panther, to more pointedly bigoted statements about Colin Kaepernick kneeling to raise awareness for police brutaility in America.

Bosa posted the tweets while he was a very public figure at Ohio State, so it’s not as though he was initially trying to hide anything. Until PR intervention, Bosa was stating an opinion; one that aligned with a movement with widely documented racist and sexist undertones.

It’s an open secret that many players in the NFL supported the alt-right movement. Bosa wasn’t the first or only player to voice a pro-MAGA opinion or do it with pride. He won’t be the last, either, nor will he be the last to be called out for it or have someone in his life called out for what they say.

Why is everyone calling Nick Bosa racist?

Now his girlfriend, Jenna Berman is under fire for past tweets that have resurfaced. Tweets that Berman posted back in 2013 are making the rounds again, in which Berman –a white woman — brazenly uses the n-word.

This whole thread has the deleted tweets, which we won’t signal boost here because they’re extremely offensive and downright disgusting.

It’s not just the one tweet featured at the top of the thread. There are so many tweets where a white woman is using the n-word freely and without care or remorse.

Nick Bosa GF called out for using racially insensnitive language on Twitter

Berman does not play in the NFL, nor is she subject to any of its policies. She did, however, post racially insensitive tweets on a public account in a public forum and then have almost a decade to delete them. She was unsurprisingly called out and criticized when the old tweets resurfaced.

Berman has since deleted the tweet upon learning that it had gone viral.

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